Famous People I Passed On The Street:

Patrick Stewart – While he was filming the first X-men movie, I spotted him in a cab.

David Suzuki – Walking along Wellesley St. towards Bay.  He’s very short, but one hell of a fit septuagenarian.

Graham Green – In line at a Bank of Montreal. Even Patrick Stewart has never been nominated for an Oscar, nor does he have a recurring role on Red Green, so I was particularly impressed to be in his presence.

Red Green – Well, Steve Smith actually.  He signed my duct tape.

Douglas Coupland – Got him to sign my copy of Microserfs. One of the peaking geek moments of my life.

Don Ferguson – Now retired from the Royal Canadian Air Farce, he seems to still be present at the CBC as he’s only one of two people I’ve spotted since moving careers downtown.

Julian Richings – Played Bucky Haight in the Bruce MacDonald classic “Hard Core Logo”, and along with a spotting outside the Olde Spaghetti Factory in 1998, remains the only person on this short list who I’ve spotted twice on the street. I wanted to shout “Hey, Bucky”, but even though he had just finished on the Hard Core sequel, it would have only served to put him in my third list.


Famous People I’ve Hugged:

Natasha Stillwell – A surprise guest at my 31st Birthday Bash at the Jersey Giant on Front St. She was just visiting old friends shortly after leaving Daily Planet. It surprised me to learn that she’s not irrationally tall, but that Jay Ingram is actually very tiny. When she left for the night, I asked for a hug (as I tend to do with pretty women) and she gave me a “very European” kiss on both cheeks.


Famous People I’ve Embarrased Myself In Front Of:

Harry Shearer – “I loved you in Godzilla”.  Yes, I actually said it.  No, he was too good a person to call me for the wiseass I am.

Chris Landreth – A real, live Academy Award winner. His short film, “Ryan”, should be watched by anyone interested in Canadian film or grew up watching CBC. I took a screenwriting course with him and even participated in a few meetings after the course ended as a Screenwriting Support Group, but still lament my ignorance when he discussed H. P. Lovecraft and I asked “who’s that?”. His current short making the rounds is “The Spine”. I haven’t seen it yet. From what I read in the script, it is a brilliant piece of work.

Ryan North – Creator of Dinosaur Comics. I met him while at the Firefox 3 Launch Party, but only after I had a few beers in me. I insisted on a “bump” instead of a handshake.  I wanted it to come across as an ironic thing, but I think it came across as a bit too convincing.

More to come… probably… unfortunately…

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  1. Stephen,

    I spotted your wedding photos on Grace Marquez’s facebook. Grace is my previous coworker at Grey in my pre-life.

    Congratulations! Wish you all the best and a happy marriage life with Simone!


    in New York

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