May 13, 2010

The Future In Phone Form

Ahh… The wonders of the modern world. This is the view of the downtown Toronto core, as i sit and type out a blog post on my cell phone. We’re totally living in the future, boys and girls. It’s 2010 and we’re totally living in the future.

I Got The Spider-man I Wanted

A frequently underused feature of my site is the Random link on the left menu bar. From time to time I browse through my older posts by repeatedly clicking on that link. I  reminisce until I have something better to do, or the guilt of not regularly updating in the best time of my life […]



I missed having a yard to care for. Yeah, I bitched and moaned about having to cut the grass and rake the leaves for only five bucks a chore back when I was a teenager. Still, it’s amazing what several years of living in apartments will do to your wants and needs for a li’l […]


The Matrix in Real Time (Part 2)

While the movies themselves don’t have sequel numbering, these posts do. In this second segment, I’m choosing three Animatrix shorts that I feel fit between the second and third movies not only because they can, or because it’s responsible to the overarching storyline to do so. I have chosen shorts in an order to add […]


The Matrix in Real Time (Part 1)

A Prologue’s Prologue: Most of my week’s vacation so far has been completing various handyman things (not to mention the more boring “chores”) around the house. One idea I’ve had for a long time is to split up the Animatrix episodes and distribute them into a sort of chronological order throughout the trilogy. So, here […]


Why You Should Rent or Buy “One Week”

I have a selection of “zen films” that put me in a relaxed state-of-mind when I need it most. They serve slightly different purposes depending the circumstances of my stress, but the all are peaceful, introspective films. Movies my past time and my career. I’ll stop short of saying they’re my life since that’s really […]


The Blu-ray Story So Far

  This week I finally watched Passchendaele – one of the most gruesome, realistic depictions of the old adage, “War is Hell”. It also was the last of three of my most proud projects for me to finally sit down and watch. Young People Fucking was one of my first projects that I worked on […]


The Struggle For My Home Theatre

Sitting in front of my 46” TV with surround sound and watching “Species” in HD on my PS3, there are limits to how far I can go to building my perfect Home Theatre. While most of the electronics are there, including a hardwire to the server so that I can stream TV shows and movies. […]


A Short, Long-form Vacation

To understand my complete absence of even a minor status update over the last few… er… several months, one might simply look to my previous post, “I’m a Twit”. Quite simply, my efforts of late have been to sum up my thoughts in small, concise, 140-character chunks. The challenge, of course, is to omit sometimes […]