Born Stephen Robert Clark (you can call me Stephen, or Mr. Clark), I was given the nickname, ‘theMediaman‘ while studying Digital Media Design in Toronto. My varied interest and expertise all fields of New Media grant me a unique insight towards all things digital. Basically I’m a geek, but don’t fit the stereotype fully.

I’m nervous around people (women mostly), but I have a lot of geek and non-geek friends. I have an opinion on Star Trek vs. Star Wars, but I’m not drastically overweight.

The list goes on.

I maintain as a blog and a book for my work. The former is to provide an entertaining look at the new world around us, experiences even the generation before us couldn’t have dreamed of. I started in 2001 as a journal of my two week trip to Japan. I enjoyed writing and proceeded to jump on the then-fledgling Blog bandwagon.

Professionally, I have coded websites for over 12 years, and done some shooting and editing corporate video materials. My days now largely involve programming Blu-rays, DVDs and iTunes LPs while my life continues to fill with web, print, film, music, and the occasional video game to wrap up the day.

So, enjoy reading my blog. There is no podcast. I have tried that before and it didn’t really take off. However, an interactive version of a podcast-like experience can be had at the local pub.

I’ll buy first round.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Stephen,

    It was great catching up with you and Simone at the St. Alvia CD release party. Leta and I had a really great time. Wish I’d known about the first round thing though 🙂

    It’s been a couple of really crazy weeks. I’m in the middle of rebuilding the pirate ship for Halloween.

    If you and Simone can make it, Leta and I are having folks over this Saturday night (Nov. 1) for a party type thing. Halloween costumes are optional.

    hope things are continuing to rock at Juice.


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