This morning I dug my old first-gen iPod nano out from the bottom of my backpack. In spite of five years of more powerful devices fitting in smaller and smaller packages, I was a little shocked to find how light it felt.

Charging it from flatline was quick.  It had a full battery in less time than it takes to boot my Android Galaxy S. The Apple system tracked that the last time I played with it was in April 2009. My choice of music betrayed that time as well; Crush Luther, Holy Fuck,  and a smattering of CBC Radio 3 podcasts.

I could start using it again as a sort of retro-hightech toy… However,  it only holds 1 GB.  That’s okay,  but i took a picture of the nano,  posted it to my blog,  and wrote this general musing while listening to the Soundtrack to last year’s “The Social Network” on the streetcar, all using my phone.

Maybe Retro should just be left in the past.

2 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Retro

    1. Because my phone doesn’t have the stock Android OS… it has the pretty Samsung TouchWiz. I have to admit that it does boot MUCH faster since the 2.3 upgrade.

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