The last six months or so I’ve been using the Nokia 5230 on the Wind Mobile network. I have to admit the in spite of a lack of data access outside the GTA, or rather, included data outside the GTA, I’ve been pretty happy.

So why am I now on with the rather incompetent Bell Mobility?

Well, to be honest, their network is pretty happy solid. The years that I spent as a Virgin Mobile customer showed me how well the Bell network functions under real-world circumstances.

What brought me to Bell is the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. I bought a cheap Smartphone just to see what features were important as well as what ones were not. I had also become quite upset with Virgin’s terrible customer service.

While Wind is just a new player in the industry, I figured I would give them a chance. The network coverage when I joined this spring was pretty lame, not even giving me service in my own house in East York.

Service now is brilliant. However, the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S phones (and the ability to unlock it so i can switch to rogers, Telus, Virgin, etc.) are what made my decision to switch.

Plus, after so many failed attempts to post blog entries from that sad Nokia, I really want to see what’s possible with a real phone… Starting withthis post.