There are still a number of things I’m trying to get ‘right’ on my new phone. I’m still trying to figure out the most effective way to post new blog entries (this will be posted via email) – update: process was a failure and this was posted manually later. I’m also a bit upset that Wind Mobile’s coverage in East York is spotty at best, and non-existant on my block.

However, one advantage of using a Nokia phone over the iPhone, or even the Android, is the wealth of developed apps. While North Americans like myself know little to nothing about the Symbian OS, the rest of the world has been developing on it for years.

On top of that, my Nokia 5230 lets me install ‘unsigned’ apps right out of the box, so open-source development apps like SCUMMVM work without a hitch. So far, I have dug out my old copies of Monkey Island (1), and The Dig. After dropping the files unmoddified onto my phone’s internal memory, I can play though these old games again.

After picking up Steven Speilberg’s first season of ‘Amazing Stories’ (which inspired his contribution to The Dig’s great plot), I’ve had an urge to play it through again. Now I can do exactly that while on my daily commute…

…at least, if I’m not trying to figure out how to post a blog entry on my site.