Michael Jaeger photo from Austria, Comet C/2009 R1, Comet McNaught
photo credit: Michael Jaeger

While out with Simone on my evening constitution (I’ve always wanted to use that in a sentence), I spotted a comet in the night sky. It turns out that some dude named McNaught saw it before me… back in September. So my search resumes for “Comet theMediaman”.

Take a look for it. It’s very clear, even in the city lights of East York. Go check it out (North-ish) before the latter part of June when the moon gets full and the comet drops low on the horizon.

It looks like a bright, fuzzy star. That ‘fuzz’ you’re seeing is┬áthe particles coming off the comet!

More information on the Sky and Telescope website. If you’re doing your own browsing on the topic, don’t get it mixed up with the other Comet McNaught back in 2006/07.