My first ride on the YRT. Just a couple of notes…

The platform at Finch station is killer in the winter, and roasting in the summer. It’s only May and it’s brutal to stand out here. The seats in the bus are nicer than the TTC, but not as nice as they look from the perspective of someone who’s only seen them from the outside. Exact change is to be expected, but if they’re charging $3.25, they need to get coin slots that can take a handful of coins. When I got on, the whole thing jammed and held up the line.

I’m not sure the shocks are any better than the 54E I used to take (TTC), but I was able to type most of this on my phone. On the ttc bus, it vibrated so bad that it was impossible to read and my neck was usually sore by the time I got to work.

Final opinion: meh. I’d rather try a Viva bus and see what that’s like.

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