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This week I finally watched Passchendaele – one of the most gruesome, realistic depictions of the old adage, “War is Hell”. It also was the last of three of my most proud projects for me to finally sit down and watch.

Young People Fucking was one of my first projects that I worked on after joining Juice Productions last year. Passchendaele was a brilliant piece of Canadian film. Like YPF, I did some of the preliminary programming. One Week, another excellent film that any Canadian should have in their collection, was programmed (Blu-ray, at least) by me with only a little code-borrowing from other projects. 

I’ve programmed dozens of DVDs in Scenarist, many from scratch. I’ve also programmed other Blu-ray projects, but these three are my most proud achievements.

It’s still a strange feeling to see something that I made sitting on the shelf at HMV. However, it’s an even stranger feeling to have it sitting on my shelf downstairs with all the DVD’s I’ve collected since 2001. I’ve made DVDs in the past, but corporate promotional material that was added to my collection purely as portfolio pieces. To be a part of putting some great films into the marketplace like Sunshine Cleaning, Man On Wire, and even Knowing (in spite of my opinions on Nicholas Cage) is fun.

I know I’ve already written an entry on this state of mind. Closing in on one year at Juice, I find my work perforating the marketplace, and that feeling is still there – if not stronger than it was before.

Next month is TIFF, and I keep bugging them for business cards. I’ve never been so driven to network before, but now I can’t wait. I’ve been practising with “Tweet-ups” although that’s not as targeted towards any specific industry (besides “New Media”, which is pretty general).

My first year as a Blu-ray & DVD Author has been a blast. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!