Sitting in front of my 46” TV with surround sound and watching “Species” in HD on my PS3, there are limits to how far I can go to building my perfect Home Theatre. While most of the electronics are there, including a hardwire to the server so that I can stream TV shows and movies.

However, we’re still living in boxes, to some extent. With the garbage strike in full effect for over one month now, I’m limited to how much I can clean up, throw in the garbage, and generally just get rid of.

I have successfully installed my DVD shelves, and made accommodations for Blu-ray storage and my gaming systems. However, there is a box of anime and import DVDs that are completely lost. I swear I’ve checked every box in every room two or three times, but they’re still MIA.

Right now, one wall is yellow, two are a dark blue, and the carpet is a purpley-maroon. From what I’ve been reading, the optimal set up is neutral tones so that a sharp colour scheme doesn’t effect the image. I already have some plans for decor which will help emulate a movie theatre look, including 70’s-80’s era Stinson-esque paint job and theatre lighting.

So, the plans are there. I just have to wait until someone gives up sick days, or agrees to a moderate salary increase in a time of economic turmoil in order for me to get this crap out of my basement.

As my mom has said, “I think Stephen’s going ‘Right’ on us”, referring to the fact that I do not agree with three out of the three municipal strikes I have had to deal with since moving to Toronto – the first two being wholly irresponsible ‘wildcat’ strikes by the TTC. But I see VIA rail and the LCBO workers come to an agreement mere hours after going on strike, and I am still collecting my stuff in a big box of garbage in my basement.

If it’s wrong to want my perfect home theatre, I don’t mind being “Right”.