To understand my complete absence of even a minor status update over the last few… er… several months, one might simply look to my previous post, “I’m a Twit”. Quite simply, my efforts of late have been to sum up my thoughts in small, concise, 140-character chunks.

The challenge, of course, is to omit sometimes relevant information painting a more illustrious canvas. However, multi-syllabic words and serial commas take their own toll. I have been searching for a way over the last year to encourage myself to reduce the length of my sometimes essay-length blogs. Fixing myself to one, short sentence at a time seemed to help.

In addition to the simplified mode of narcissism that Twitter grants over any blog, I joined in order to push my campaign to win a 2010 Nissan Cube. My subsequent long-form writing was limited to a micro-site focussed on other contestants.

My posting can once again resume, as it seems that I’ve failed in my endeavour to win a new car using the Internets. I won’t extend this post much longer, but I will say that new writing will be much, much easier thanks to my Acer netbook, Windows 7, and a new program from Microsoft allowing me to write locally and publish to WordPress.

Dammit… more serial commas.