Words To Learn

Ohayo - Good Morning
Konnichiwa - Good Day
Konbonwa - Good Evening
Tamago - Egg
Nani - What?
Gomennasai - Sorry
Nee Beiru - Two Beers
Arigato Gozaimas - Thank you very much
Naino - Nothing
Akuwa - Scary
Watashi no oi - This is my nephew
Gaijin - Foreigner

SHOU / toko / yuka = bed / floor
Where I'm going to spend the first few days while my body adjusts to a 14 hour time difference (or 10 - depending on how you look at it).

BEN = endeavour
appropriate for one of my first words to blindly attempt memorizing.

KOU / KU / kuchi = mouth
ok when alone, but when paired with...

JIN / NIN / hito = person
you get...

JINKOU = population
or "person mouth"? This is going to be a very interesting trip. Maybe if I just point and grunt a lot they'll understand better.

Some images and words are fed by
Kanji Self-Indulgent Tripe Extravaganza