Cutting Edge Retro

This morning I dug my old first-gen iPod nano out from the bottom of my backpack. In spite of five years of more powerful devices fitting in smaller and smaller packages, I was a little shocked to find how light it felt. Charging it from flatline was quick.  It had a full battery in less […]


Getting back in the addiction

Still trying to get back in the habit of blogging. Most everything clever that I write now goes in a little box on Facebook. I’ve been trying to find a way to push that feed to WordPress, but a number of privacy violations over the years has resulted in Facebook shutting down every way to […]


The Future Is Vibrant

vibrant box

The last six months or so I’ve been using the Nokia 5230 on the Wind Mobile network. I have to admit the in spite of a lack of data access outside the GTA, or rather, included data outside the GTA, I’ve been pretty happy. So why am I now on with the rather incompetent Bell […]


SCUMMy Phone


There are still a number of things I’m trying to get ‘right’ on my new phone. I’m still trying to figure out the most effective way to post new blog entries (this will be posted via email) – update: process was a failure and this was posted manually later. I’m also a bit upset that Wind Mobile’s coverage […]


Can I Name A Comet After An Online Alias?


While out with Simone on my evening constitution (I’ve always wanted to use that in a sentence), I spotted a comet in the night sky. It turns out that some dude named McNaught saw it before me… back in September. So my search resumes for “Comet theMediaman”. Take a look for it. It’s very clear, […]


Riding on the YRT

My first ride on the YRT. Just a couple of notes… The platform at Finch station is killer in the winter, and roasting in the summer. It’s only May and it’s brutal to stand out here. The seats in the bus are nicer than the TTC, but not as nice as they look from the […]